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Strange Horizons 

I have done a lot of work for Strange Horizons over the years, including accessibility editing, interning as an Assistant Editor, and working as part of their Development/PR team. 

Instruction Set: Updating SSH Key Passphrase

As a technical writer, I have previously been tasked with converting highly specialized documents into something easier to understand for the average reader. This instruction set was one such task.

SF3 Grant Proposal - The Skiffy & Fanty Show

The linked document was a grant proposal I wrote as part of a Grant & Proposal Writing course I took as a graduate student. Unfortunately it could not be submitted, as SF3 paused their grant system due to the pandemic, but we hope to submit it in the future.

Accessibility Study: Online Publishing

Speculative fiction encourages anyone to be and do anything, and to explore the outer limits of the human condition and everything beyond—but ironically, not everyone can enjoy this genre, because it is not accessible to them. I conducted a study of 29 online speculative fiction publishers and the accessibility of their websites to see just how well these publishers commit to the ideals of their genre.


A Message to the (Unknown) Future: The Rhetoric of Long-Time Nuclear Waste Warning Messages

The linked proposal was accepted for presentation at the 2020 Virginia Humanities Conference, which was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic.

The Ethics of Accountability in Christopher Sebela’s Crowded

A seminar paper for one of my graduate courses, this piece explores a unique comic about a Kickstarter-like website used to crowdfund assassinations.

Copyright & Fan Content

Another seminar paper for one of my graduate courses, this piece explores how copyright and fan-created content conflict in today's society, and just how complicated creativity can be.

Book Reviews

I have several published reviews with The Skiffy and Fanty Show, where I review LGBTQ+ speculative fiction.

The Mythological Perspective of Modern Media

I wrote this thesis to fulfill the requirements of my Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor in my undergraduate career. The piece assesses the cultural implications of modern narratives that incorporate classical mythology, specifically focusing on the hero’s journey in everything from Legend of Zelda to Star Trek.

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